Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 7 July 2009

Pos Name Start Finish Time Expected Difference Improvement Pace (min/ml) Finish Order Points Comments
1Ben Maddison09:5333:1723:2424:23-00:594.03%6.191=10
2Giles Rigarlsford08:3433:3224:5825:42-00:442.85%6.6054
3Bill Shingleton10:2735:4025:1323:49+01:24-5.88%6.6711
4Willie Young08:4234:3825:5625:34+00:22-1.43%6.869
5Ian Lucas06:4333:1726:3427:33-00:593.57%7.031=10
6Clive Blackburn06:4734:1327:2627:29-00:030.18%7.2681
7David Sheffield06:0533:5127:4628:11-00:251.48%7.3572
8Helen Woolley04:0433:2129:1730:12-00:553.04%7.7536
9Jeff Joynson03:3433:2329:4930:42-00:532.88%7.8945
10Christelle Billon03:4334:4731:0430:33+00:31-1.69%8.2210
11Alan Wooten00:0033:4133:4134:16-00:351.70%8.9163
12Ashley Greenman09:47DNFshoe related catastrophe

Quite an exciting TT today. Dead heat for first across the finish line and a "missing" runner (but we found him).

A discussion afterwards decided that, as the rules state the points are awarded in the order of crossing the line and both Ben and Ian crossed the line first after a strong sprint finish, rather than sharing the points for first and second both deserved the full ten points.


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