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The Haunting Of Hill House
by F Andrew Leslie from the novel by Shirley Jackson
7-10 June, 2000
Eleanor Vance . . . Helen Wildman
Mrs. Dudley . . . Susan Hastings
Theodora . . . Barbara Thompson
Dr. Montague . . . Trevor Cook
Luke Sanderson . . . David Mander
Mrs. Montague . . . Christine Elmore
Arthur Parker . . . John Hare
Producer . . . David Whitney

A small group of psychic researchers gather together in Hill House to investigate its reputation for being haunted. Despite assurances that there is no physical danger to anyone, it soon becomes apparent that the house is intent on increasing its collection of souls by one.

This play has twice been turned into a movie, in 1966 and 1999 (the former being, by general consensus, the more successful production.)

This play proved difficult for some members of the cast to learn - many of the speeches are very similar. Also, some of the roles are quite large with long speeches. At the end of the day, this is really an effects play; its success very much relying on the way the hauntings are handled. We placed speakers underneath the tiered audience seating so that not only was there a 'surround sound' effect but also a phyical experience as the seats vibrated during the louder sections. This produced a highly satisfactory response from the audience.


Off The Hook
by Derek Benfield
5-9 June, 2001
Norah Catchpole . . . Barbara Thompson
Edna, her sister . . . Jane Lindley
Fred Baxter . . . Trevor Cook
Major Catchpole . . . Graham Sangster
Charlie Mullins . . . David Mander
Harold Spook . . . Steven Wilmer
Mrs. Fletcher-Brewer . . . Susan Hastings
Carol, her daughter . . . Andrea Savage
Polly . . . Tracey Ensworth
Mr. Parkinson . . . John Hare
Producer . . . David Whitney

A gang of crooks arrive at a country hotel planning to retrieve the loot from a bank robbery. To aid their endeavours they have sprung Harold from prison, because Harold Spook was one of the original back robbers. Unfortunately there were two Spooks in the same prison....

It may have been due to the fact that we had been rehearsing this play for a long time (it was originally scheduled for performance in November 2000) but it did not seem as funny as when we chose it for this production. However, audience reaction was very positive and seems to have been a popular choice.

This play was our 100th production.


Pull The Other One
by Norman Robbins
6-10 November, 2001
Boadicea Heptinstall . . . Helen Wildman
Wilf Turner . . . Trevor Cook
Muriel Perkins . . . Jane Lindley
Albert Perkins . . . David Mander
Virginia Brown . . . Andrea Savage
Hilary Armitage . . . Tom Phillips
Rev. Elijah Nookey . . . James Rolton
Producer . . . David Whitney

Albert Perkins' mother-in-law intercepts a letter to him which appears to come from a female in his past and jumps to all the wrong conclusions. Matters are not helped by Albert continually being caught in compromising situations.

A good, crowd-pleasing farce which was also great fun to do. Word of mouth advertising courtesy of the first night audience ensured that the rest of the run was a total sell out. Although not vital to the production, our actor playing Albert took the brave decision to play the nude action for real, adding the extra excitement that each night the audience might have seen a little more than they really should.


Murder In Company
by Philip King and John Boland
12 - 15 June, 2002
Alan Wilson . . . Damian Savage
Margaret Stevens . . . Andrea Savage
Ted Smith . . . Steven Wilmer
Philip Stevens . . . Trevor Cook
Ronnie Meadows . . . David Mander
Phoebe Kershaw . . . Geraldine Rigler
Patricia Robins . . . Barbara Thompson
Doris Stewart . . . Tracey Ensworth
Producer . . . Trevor Cook

A Dramatic Society is assembling on the stage of a church hall to rehearse the production of a mystery-thriller under its somewhat dictatorial director Philip Stevens. Events and strains within the company, however, more than equal those in the play they are to present. Philip's wife is friendlier than is wise with a young man of the company, a "prowler" is in the neighbourhood and attacks one of the girls, an unpleasant caretaker tries a little blackmail and one of the women seems to know him from the past. The rehearsal proceeds under difficulties until a mysterious death brings the situation of the who-dunnit even more closely into real life. It transpires that almost everyone might, and could, have committed murder.

A solid and dependable whodunnit with a nice simple set (church hall interior) which at first reading does not seem too exciting. The audience liked it, enabling us to sell out on every night. Most of the characters are written in a way which allows the actors to put something into their performances to show what they can really do, with a good mixture of comedy and drama.


A Tomb With A View
by Norman Robbins
22 - 26 October, 2002
Hamilton Penworthy. . . Trevor Cook
Lucien Tomb. . . David Bettles
Dora Tomb. . . Jane Lindley
Emily Tomb. . . Susan Hastings
Marcus Tomb . . .Roy Cobb
Anne Franklin . . .Barbara Thompson
Agatha Hammond . . . Helen Wildman
Freda Mountjoy. . . Suzanne McNulty
Peregrine Potter . . . David Mander
Monica Tomb . . . Claire Sangster
Producer . . . Trevor Cook

The Tomb family gather at Monument House for the reading of their late father's will. The arrival of an unexpected beneficiary and the revelation of her legacy starts a chain of events during which the body count steadily grows until the majority of the assembled company are disposed of. Is anyone who they seem to be?

Perhaps not quite as funny as the sequel, "Tiptoe Through The Tombstones", but still fun to perform and popular with the audience. Although the action of this play takes place before that of the sequel, it does not really matter in which order they are performed.


Who Dies Wins
by Seymour Matthews
3 - 7 June 2003
Léon Winter . . . Melvin Trewes
Abby Winter . . . Claire Sangster
Raymond Brown . . . David Bettles
Sophie Brown . . . Barbara Thompson
John Drummond . . . David Mander
Molly Drummond . . . Jane Lindley
Chief Inspector Norbert Plum . . . Trevor Cook
Detective Sergeant . . . John Hare
Piers Gerard . . . Steven Wilmer
Producer . . . Trevor Cook
Léon Winter always spices up his dinner parties with a practical joke or two, so when the electricity cuts out and a mysterious voice booms from the darkness the guests on this particular night do not think the worst. Then shots ring out and the joke turns into a nightmare. The eccentric Chief Inspector Plum investigates a case that involves hidden identities, marital deception and twisted quotations from Shakespeare - and in a brilliant coûp de théâtre, the audience gets a major clue to the solution well before anyone else.OK but nothing special. Not a great deal of action and the second half of the play has some very long speeches by Inspector Plum.


Sweet Revenge
by Francis Durbridge
12 - 15 November 2003
Judy Hilton . . . Helen Wildman
Alan Wells . . . Steven Wilmer
Marian Palmer . . . Christine Elmore
Ross Marquand . . . David Mander
Sam Kennedy . . . Tracey Ensworth
Bill Yorke . . . Trevor Cook
Fay Marquand . . . Helena Pygott
Julian Kane . . . David Bettles
Norma Sanders . . . Geraldine Rigler
Producer . . . Claire Sangster

Dr Ross Marquand is a successful, happily married cardiac consultant - until his wife Fay informs him she has fallen in love with another man, the famous conductor and notorious womaniser Julian Kane. A few days later Ross's assistant discovers two phials missing from their stock of the tranquiliser Zarabell Four, a controversial drug due to its potentially lethal side effects when prescribed to cardiac patients. When, as a guest at Ross's annual charity regatta, Julian falls victim to a fatal heart attack, all fingers point to Ross but as the play progresses many enemies of the deceased are revealed, and each regatta guest is discovered to have a personal motive for Julian's demise.

Typical Durbridge - well written with plenty of twists. A crowd pleaser.


Love Begins At Fifty
by Raymond Hopkins
22 - 26 June 2004
Anita Debanks . . . Jane Cox
Clive Debanks . . . Trevor Cook
Jack Reynolds . . . David Mander
Claire Murphy . . . Helen Wildman
Tracy Barton . . . Barbara Thompson
Annabel Wickson . . . Tracey Ensworth
Mavis Leggett . . . Christine Elmore
Emily Roberts . . . Dee Hale
Henry Clarke . . . Kellie Butler
Directed by . . . Claire Sangster
Anita and Clive Debanks have been married for 28 years and have led an uneventful life; but all that is about to change. Although in a loveless marriage, Clive has never been unfaithful. However, as preparations for his fiftieth birthday party are under way, Clive feels that life is passing him by and has a yearning for a final fling. To this end, he chooses three prospective partners from the 'Lonely Hearts' column in the local paper. By a strange twist of fate, the same paper is offering a Caribbean cruise as the first prize in a competition to find the perfect married couple. Anita enters the competition but keeps it a secret from Clive. A photographer arrives to take the pictures of the happy couple the night that Anita is away and Clive is entertaining one of his dates. From that point onwards things get a little complicated, to say the least.

Definitely a crowd pleaser; the audiences were literally howling with laughter from start to finish. Plenty of opportunies to improvise extra pieces of comic action. Plus the royalties go to an MS charity.


The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice
by Jim Cartwright
8 - 10 October 2004
Mari Hoff . . . Jane Cox
Little Voice (LV) . . . Claire Sangster
Phone Man . . . Roy Cobb
Billy . . . Scott Strathern
Sadie . . . Helen Wildman
Ray Say . . . David Mander
Mr Boo . . . Trevor Cook
Directed by . . . Graham Sangster

Little Voice (LV) lives alone with her mother Mari, whose sole purpose in life is to find another man. Mari's imposing presence drives the shy LV into utter seclusion and she spends her time in her bedroom listening to her late father's records. When small-time impresario Ray Say, Mari's latest catch, hears LVs impersonations of various famous singers, he recognises the gold in her voice and determines to exploit it.

A couple of firsts for the society with this one. Our first production with singing - fortunately we had someone who could sing well to play the part of LV, and any other singing was meant to be bad anyway. Also our first play with strong language (the "F" word is sprinkled plentifully throughout the script but it is vital to the plot) but the audience did not seem to mind.

A very demanding play but very rewarding.


Pullin' The Wool
by Frank Vickery
7 - 11 June 2005
Ray Gibbon . . . David Mander
Sheila Gibbon . . . Kellie Butler
Martin Walsh . . . Trevor Cook
Gayle Walsh . . . Jane Lindley
Barrie Lovejoy . . . Ivan Wildman
Denise Lovejoy . . . Barbara Thompson
Dave . . . Adrian Cale
Di . . . Dee Hale
Directed by . . . Christine Elmore

The Lovejoys are selling to the Walshes who are selling to the Gibbons, and everyone is trying to cheat everyone else. The action in this comedy of the strains and stresses of property buying and selling will be familiar to anyone who has ever experienced house buying!

A very funny play but demanding. The split set (the action takes place in two houses), concurrent dialogue and quick changes keep the actors constantly on their toes.


House Guest
by Francis Durbridge
8 - 12 November 2005
Vivien Norwood . . . Helen Wildman
Jane Mercer . . . Helen Lloyd Wildman
Stella Drury . . . Barbara Thompson
Robert Drury . . . Trevor Cook
Crozier . . . Ivan Wildman
Inspector Burford . . . David Mander
Sergeant Clayton . . . Kellie Butler
Dorothy Medway . . . Christine Elmore
Philip Henderson . . . Lewis Cook
Directed by . . . Helen Lloyd-Wildman

Imagine how you would feel. Your only child has been kidnapped but no ransom demanded. All the kidnapper wants is to stay in your home for 48 hours. If you go along with this request your child will be returned unharmed. That is the dilemma faced by Robert and Stella Drury when their nine year old son, Mike, is abducted in Francis Durbridge's thriller. Of course there is more to this than meets the eye. The Drurys find they do not know who they can trust and as the story unfold we discover the real reason behind the kidnapping. Several people meet untimely deaths before this twisty story reaches its thrilling conclusion.

Pretty much a standard these days for amateur groups, this play still keeps audiences entertained with three murders and plenty of twists to keep them interested. A good choice to put on if you are having difficulty finding your next play.


The Office Party
by John Godber
20 - 24 June 2006
Pippa . . . Helen Lloyd-Wildman
Bob . . . Andy Taylor
Patty . . . Jane Lindley
Andy . . . Trevor Cook
Lee . . . Reese Evans
Gavin . . . Ivan Wildman
Jo . . . Helen Wildman
Directed by . . . David Mander

Everyone has a different story to tell - or forget, in some cases - about the annual office party. John Godber's latest play pays a visit to the offices of Chapman & Howard, a small marketing firm, just in time for the annual bash when the traditional bonhomie quickly gives way to titillations and tears. From the opening moments, when the first eager few have arrived to kick off the celebrations of clinching a prestigious and lucrative account, we see the growing sense of both professional and personal frustrations among the copywriters, accountants, graphic artists, secretaries and the managing director himself as everyone tries to get into the party spirit, all the time misreading body language and other signals, culminating in a party night they'd all rather forget. Just who will show their face tomorrow - and more important, who won't - or will they simply let the photocopier's record of the evening speak for itself?


Secondary Cause Of Death
by Peter Gordon
7 - 11 November 2006
Lady Isadora Pollock . . . Wanda Gilmour
Count Puchlik Of Puszczykowo . . . Trevor Cook
Colonel Charles Craddock . . . Ivan Wildman
Captain Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington . . . Helen Stevenson
Cynthia Maple . . . Helen Lloyd-Wildman
Cardew Longfellow . . . Ivan Wildman
Martha Armstrong . . . Dee Mayling
Lily Tuthill . . . Christine Elmore
Inspector Pratt . . . David Mander
Nurse Ann Parsley . . . Maria Seaman
Directed by . . . Trevor Cook

"Secondary Cause Of Death" is the sequel to Peter Gordon's hit comedy thriller "Murdered To Death".

It's now 1939, and storm clouds are gathering over Europe. Having inherited Bagshot House, Colonel Charles Craddock has converted the property into an hotel for the discerning visitor. Soon Inspector Pratt arrives once again at Bagshot House, bearing grim news for Colonel Craddock. But that's just the beginning:
Who is the strange Polish Count?
Is Henrietta really an army captain?
And where does the flamboyant thespian Cardew Longfellow fit into the picture?
When Joan Maple's sister, Cynthia, arrives to stage a murder mystery evening, it's not long before Pratt's visit turns into a chaotic nightmare as the bodies pile higher than ever!


The Love Nest
by Raymond Hopkins
12 - 16 June 2007

Jack Longthorp . . . Andy Taylor
Mary Longthorp . . . Heidi Hunt
Tina Lewis . . . Wanda Gilmour
Janet Thompson . . . Jane Lindley
Marjorie Braithwaite . . . Helen Wildman
David Thompson . . . David Mander
Sara Ross . . . Maria Seaman
Duncan Ross . . . Reece Evans
Amina Betnay . . . Kellie Butler
Toni Clark . . . Sheila Lloyd

Directed by . . . Trevor Cook



Nasty Neighbours
by Debbie Isitt
9 - 13 October 2007

Mr. Peach . . . David Mander
Mrs. Peach . . . Barbara Thompson
Mr. Chapman . . . Graham Sangster
Mrs. Chapman . . . Kellie Butler
Mr. Hodge . . . John Little
Mrs. Hodge . . . Claire Sangster

Directed by . . . Helen Wildman

A terrifically thrilling black comedy examining the strains and stresses of life in the 1990s, Nasty Neighbours bursts into life following hte emigration of Mr. and Mrs. Peach's neighbours, the Hodges, to Australia. The grieving Peaches anxiously twitch behind the net curtains of their semi-detached home wondering who will arrive next door. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman prove to be far from the ideal couple they had dreamed of. The Chapmans are rude, loud and aggressive, and with growing frustration Mr. Peach embarks on a massive feud with his new neighbours.


Bums on Seats
by Michael Snelgrove
10 - 14 June 2008

Wendy . . . Christine Elmore
Petronella . . . Barbara Thompson
Jacintha . . . Helen Wildman
Estelle Nettlebank . . . Jane Lindley
Mo . . . Kellie Butler
Benedict Thrush . . . Scott Strathern
Zara . . . Maria Seaman
Hugo . . . John Little
Roland Luckett . . . David Mander
Werner Meister . . . Robert Lawson
Tanya . . . Trevor Cook
Lional Heap . . . Graham Sangster
June Heap . . . Beverly Green
Gerald Bliss Hart . . . John Little
Marcia Bliss Hart . . . Simone Poleon-Henry
Aaron Zoffanny . . . Robert Lawson

Directed by . . . Graham Sangster

In a tatty provincial theatre a new play "Fecund", is being staged. In a series of scenes linked by a chorus of usherrettes, we meet the stage manager (with a blinding hangover), the lead actors (ranging from the pretentious through the bitter to the plain incompetent), the new Marketing Assistant (who used to work for British Rail), the lecherous, unscrupulous author, and others. In the second act, attention focuses on the audience, an equally mixed and unharmonious group. Chaos beacks out ultimately, just as the theatre's major sponser arrives for a visit...


The Play Reading & The Monkey's Paw
by Joan Honey and W.W. Jacobs, adapted by J.Holloway
21 - 22 November 2008

The Play Reading
Jean . . . Maria Seaman
Margaret . . . Jane Cox
Rachel . . . Barbara Thompson
Sally . . . Jane Lindley
Mrs. Prentice . . . Helen Wildman
Mrs. Collett . . . Christine Elmore

The Monkey's Paw
Mother . . . Beverly Green
Father . . . Trevor Cook
Herbert . . . Richard Beil
Sergeant Major Morris . . . Robert Lawson
Man from the Works . . . John Little

The Play-Reading is set in the 1970's and takes place in the home of Mrs. Prentice. The play opens with members of the Women's Institute Drama Group having spent the evening reading various different plays. Whilst discussing doing a ghost play, little do they know that the house has a mysterious past that will be revealed as the night progresses.

The Monkey's Paw is set in the home of the Whites in 1940's England. The play opens with the Whites expecting a visitor, who brings with him the Monkey's Paw, an object that allows its owner three wishes, but each one comes at a terrible price.


Death by Fatal Murder
by Peter Gordon
15 - 18 April 2009

Nancy Allwright . . . Kellie Butler
Ginny Farquhar . . . Beverly Green
Constable Thomkins . . . John Little
Inspector Pratt . . . David Mander
Miss. Joan Maple . . . Barbara Thompson
Blodwyn Morgan . . . Helen Wildman
Enzo Garibaldi . . . Trevor Cook
Squadron Leader Alwright . . . Clive Minor

Directed by . . . Trevor Cook

"Death by Fatal Murder" is the third play in the Inspector Pratt trilogy, the first two being "Murdered to Death" and "Secondary Cause of Death".

Inspector Pratt returns in another visit to Bagshot House to investigate the disappearance of Constable Atkins. Aided by Miss Marple, bumbling Pratt makes his enquiries of the other inhabitants Nancy Allbright, Ginny Farquhar, Enzo, and Welsh busy body, Blodwyn. An unexpected guest or two all add to the chaos which ensues.

Perfect Wedding
by Robin Hawdon
6 - 10 October, 2009

Rachel . . . Jane Lindley
Bill . . . John Little
Tom . . . Clive Minor
Judy . . . Barbara Thompson
Julie . . . Maria Seaman
Daphne . . . Helen Wildman

Directed by . . . Graham Sangster

Bill wakes on the morning of his wedding to find himself in bed with a girl. Bill and his bestman Tom concoct a story to keep this misdemeanour from Bill's fiancée, Rachel. Unfortunately, Tom thinks the chamber maid is the girl Bill woke up with and so wires become crossed and identities mistaken. It's the perfect recipe for hilarious chaos.


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