Past Productions


Date Title (Link = cast list/synopsis available)  
1933 The Green Flag  
1933 The Boy Comes Home  
1933 The House With The Twisty Windows  
1934 Flat To Let  
1934 Dangerous Corner  
1935 Lilies Of The Field  
1935 March Hares  
1936 Fresh Fields  
1936 London Wall  
1937 Ada Wodderspoon  
1938 Night Must Fall  
January 1939 Busman's Honeymoon  
April 1951 Three One Act Plays  
January 1952 Bonaventure  
December 1952 Madam Tic-Tac  
May 1953
November 1953 Sweethearts And Wives  
March 1954 The Peaceful Inn  
November 1954 When We Are Married  
March 1956 The Calf Before The Hearse  
May 1956 The Happy Prisoner  
November 1956 A Party For Christmas  
April 1957 Heaven And Charing Cross  
November 1957 Relations Are Best Apart Picture
May 1958 Death And Brown Windsor  
November 1958 Ah, Wilderness!  
April 1959 All My Sons  
November 1959 Major Barbara  
May 1960 The Cure For Love  
November 1960 Noon Has No Shadows  
May 1961 Beside The Seaside  
November 1961 A Party For Jeremy  
May 1962 Mother Of Men  
May 1962 This Boy, Connor  
November 1962 Celebration  
September 1963 Don't Tell Father  
April 1964 Sons Of Crispin  
November 1964 Quiet Weekend  
September 1965 Down To Brass Tacks  
May 1966 The Proof Of The Poison  
October 1966 The Still Small Voice  
May 1967 Fish Out Of Water  
November 1967 Two Faces Of Murder  
May 1968 The Full Treatment  
November 1968 Four Winds  
May 1969 Ride A Cock Horse  
November 1969 My Giddy Aunt  
May 1970 This Year, Next Year  
November 1970 Double Trouble  
May 1971 The Ghost Train  
November 1971 Italian Love Story  
May 1972 Off The Hook Picture
November 1972 Dear Friends
The Boy And The Ballerina
May 1973 Murder At The Vicarage  
November 1973 But Once A Year  
May 1974 Murder In Company  
November 1974 Pillar To Post  
May 1975 Home And Beauty  
November 1975 How The Other Half Loves  
May 1976 Night Must Fall  
November 1976 Children's Day Picture
May 1977 The House On The Cliff  
November 1977 Off The Rails  
May 1978 Sweet Nelly  
November 1978 Relatively Speaking  
November 1979 Gaslight  
May 1980 Cat In The Bag  
November 1981 Billy Liar  
May 1982 The Key Of The Door  
November 1982 Strike Happy  
May 1983 So Far... No Further  
November 1983 Outside Edge  
May 1984 House Guest  
November 1984 Surprise Package  
May 1985 Portrait Of Murder  
November 1985 Beside The Seaside  
May 1986 Find The Lady  
November 1986 Basinful Of The Briny  
November 1987 Murder Mistaken  
May 1988 Friends And Neighbours  
November 1988 Deadly Nightcap  
May 1989 Good Old Summertime  
May 1990 In-Tents Complications  
November 1990 Shock  
October 1991 The Ghost Train Picture
May 1992 When Did You Last See Your Trousers? Picture
November 1992 Out Of Focus  
October 1993 Dracula - Another Story  
May 1994 Fringe Benefits  
October 1994 Death Rattle  
September 1995 Wait Until Dark  
July 1996 Billy Liar Picture
November 1996 Dracula - Another Story Picture
September 1997 Wedding Of The Year Cast Pictures
June 1998 The Edge Of Darkness Picture
November 1998 Darling I'm Home Pictures
June 1999 Tiptoe Through The Tombstones Pictures
November 1999 The Still Small Voice Pictures
June 2000 The Haunting Of Hill House Pictures
June 2001 Off The Hook  
November 2001 Pull The Other One  
June 2002 Murder In Company  
October 2002 A Tomb With A View  
June 2003 Who Dies Wins Pictures
November 2003 Sweet Revenge  
June 2004 Love Begins At Fifty  
October 2004 The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice  
June 2005 Pullin' The Wool  
November 2005 House Guest Review
June 2006 The Office Party  
November 2006 Secondary Cause Of Death  
June 2006 The Love Nest Pictures
October 2007 Nasty Neighbours
June 2008 Bums on Seats
November 2008 The Play Reading & The Monkey's Paw
April 2009 Death by Fatal Murder
October 2009 Perfect Wedding
June 2010 I'll Be Back Before Midnight
October 2010 The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery