from “The Evening Telegraph”, Thursday, November 10, 2005

A welcome House Guest

House Guest at
The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough


Helen Wildman, David Mander, Trevor Cook and Christine Elmore in House Guest





The Castle Theatre has a very welcome visitor at the moment.
House Guest, currently being staged by the Wellingborough Cooperative Amateur Dramatic Society, is a play which twists and turns at every opportunity and keeps.the audience guessing from start to finish.
The play opens with successful Hollywood couple Robert and Stella Drury discovering that their nine-year-old son has been kidnapped.
The kidnappers do not want money, just the use of their house for 48 hours.
This is a premise that gets turned on its head every few minutes,leaving the Drurys and the audience unsure who to trust.
The script is fast-paced and witty, with the occasional droll line sending a flood of laughter round the audience.
Trevor Cook switches from gung-ho action man to distraught father every few minutes with strong support from his co-star Barbara Thompson, and David Mander, as Inspector Burford, gives a wonderful performance as the friendly police officer, delivering a great punch line at the end of the first act.
The supporting cast amuses and confuses the audience according to the demands of the script and they perform their roles to perfection.
The play, directed by Helen Lloyd Wildman who takes to the stage as secretary Jane Mercer, was written by Francis Henry Durbridge, famous for inventing the crime novelist and detective Paul Temple, who appeared in numerous radio and television shows.
A very polished production from a group with well over a hundred productions behind them.