The Cast Of "Wedding Of The Year"

Jane Cox Jane Cox
Ethel Murchinson
Jane's first play with WCADS was "Basinful of the Briny" (November 1986), when she played Florrie the maid. She has acted in and produced productions for other local groups, principally the Tingdene Entertainers and Finedon Pantomime. Following a break with our society of several years, she has returned and been cast as Ethel in this production.

Christine Elmore Christine Elmore
Peggy Ramskill
Christine became a member of the the group in 1988 and first appeared in "Deadly Nightcap" (November 1988). She has taken parts in several productions since, taking the rôles of such diverse characters as an elderly lady, "The Ghost Train" (October 1991), and a loose woman (to put it delicately), "When Did You Last See Your Trousers" (May 1992). Christine took on the office of secretary/treasurer of the society in 1992.

Trevor Cook Trevor Cook
Walter Thornton
Trevor joined the society in 1981 when he worked backstage on "Billy Liar" (November 1981). His first appearance on stage was in "The Key Of The Door" (May 1982), and has appeared in all productions since. Trevor was elected Chairman of the society in June 1994.

Steven Wilmer Steven Wilmer
Frank Edwards
Steven first acted with the society in "Friends And Neighbours" (May 1988). Despite never seeming to understand the plot of any play he has appeared in, he has always proved to be a reliable actor. His portrayal of Renfield in both productions of "Dracula" (October 1993 & November 1996) was a major tour de force.

Laura Seabridge Laura Seabridge
Alison Murchinson
Laura joined the society in 1996 in time to appear as a vampire bride in "Dracula" (November 1996). The character of Alison will be her first speaking (as opposed to screaming) part.

Jane Simpson Jane Simpson
Honoria Murchinson
Jane also first appeared in "Dracula" (November 1996), playing Lucy Westerman, proving that she is game for anything as the part involved crawling through small holes in the dark, clambering out of a fake bed, and all the while wearing a large cloak and surrounded by dense smoke. The character of elderly aunt Honoria should prove simple in comparison.

Helen Wildman Helen Wildman
Matilda Murchinson
Helen has been a member of WCADS since 1986, first appearing in "Find The Lady" (May 1986). A versatile actress, convincingly portraying anything from sluts, such as Rita in "Billy Liar" (July 1996), to elderly ladies (aunt Matilda in this production). Helen is married to Andrew, who has, over the past few years, become our resident lighting engineer - so laid back he fills in crosswords during the performance yet still gets the lighting cues spot on.

David Mander David Mander
Melvyn Thornton
David joined the society in 1991 when he played the part of John Stirling in "The Ghost Train" (October 1991). Known as 'the quiet one', David can be guaranteed to bring rehearsals to a halt with a cry of "Ooh, matron" at any opportunity. His impressions of other members of the group are often better than the original. Any 'corpsing' during a production will usually have him as the source. David was appointed as publicity officer in 1996, a title he immediately changed to Executive Vice-President In Charge Of Marketing. If you meet him, RUN AWAY - he is a double glazing salesman!

John Hare John Hare
Harry Elphinstone
John has been a member of the group since 1992, first appearing in "When Did You Last See Your Trousers" (May 1992) as Oliver, spending the entire production completely encased in a gorillagram suit. He has since proved himself an excellent stage manager, a rôle he has given up to play Harry in this production.

Geraldine Rigler Geraldine Rigler
Priscilla Edwards
Geraldine joined us in 1995, working backstage on "Wait Until Dark" (September 1995). She first 'trod the boards' as Florence Boothroyd in "Billy Liar" (July 1996).

David Whitney David Whitney
David has been a member of WCADS since 1964, first appearing as Alfie Cooper in "Sons Of Crispin" (May 1964). Since then he appeared in virtually all of the society's productions until 1991, when he was appointed resident producer, his first production being "The Ghost Train" (October 1991). David has taken parts in only a couple of plays since then. He has also written several of our recent productions: "In-Tents Complications" (May 1990); "Dracula" (October 1993 & November 1996); "Death Rattle" (October 1994).