Colworth Str1ders


Bedford Clanger – 7 April 2012

NameDistance (miles)Time
Andy Hoddle286:09
Andrew Evans 17 2:26
Last year this was an overlong marathon, this year the route had changed slightly and it was an Ultra, at 28.1miles. Most of this was off-road, crossing fields etc., but the going was good underfoot. Soft but not muddy. The latter part of the circular route followed the river upstream from Priory Country park thorugh to Kempston. Route was written instructions, mostly good, but a couple of ambiguous stretches. There were some stiles, gates and cattlegrids. 4 feedstations/water was a bit sparse, but instructions were to be self sufficient. Camelbak Octane18X, perfomed well on its first outing, with its 3 litre drink pouch and plenty of space for food, side pockets around waist strap held gels; a very nice bit off kit and comfortable to run with.
My run: slow for the first few miles, and careful on the rough ground, ensured a slow and steady pace for the whole event. Walked a few sections to read route instructions, or if going up any incline. Meeting a friend who had cooked me a Pukka Pie, at 25 miles took some sting from the end, and enabled a good jog for the last few miles. Time: Sun went from south east to south west, Candle burnt a good three inches. Oh yes, someone had a watch: 6hrs 9 mins.


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